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    About silian Brand culture Honor Patent Research Process

    In June 2008, silian group successful acquisition of Honeywell sapphire business, become the implementation of "going out" strategy for the successful case in the first of state-owned enterprises in Chongqing.

    In 2008 July, Chongqing Silian Sapphire Technogy Co ltd formally established.

    In 2008 August, the company's first overseas wholly-owned subsidiary "Silian Sapphire Co." founded in Canada.

    In 2008 December, Silian group industrial base covers an area of 1000 acres of groundbreaking ceremony in Chongqing Tongxing industrial park.

    In 2009 February, the company settled the town of three flower stone, open a new chapter in the company's pilot plant.

    In 2009 March, the company changed its name to Chongqing Silian Optoelectronic Technology Co. ltd.

    In October 2009, the first large size sapphire crystal in three stone factory success off the assembly line, crystal quality fully meet the Canadian plant level, it marking the Canadian technology to the domestic transfer and industrialization has made substantial progress.

    In 2009 December, three flowers stone factory sapphire crystal grown by the Czochralski method growth and substrate processing production line across the board through scale and begin production.

    In 2010 August, Canadian factory 6 inch sapphire substrate successfully by Philips gallium nitride (GAN) epitaxial growth test, marking the Silian optoelectronic has the world's leading large size wafer preparation technology and standards to meet the highest requirements within the industry.

    In 2011 February, the company completed the overall relocation from three flower stone pilot plant to Caijiaying Industrial Park, officially settled in Liangjiang New Area.

    In 2011 June, the company is in Chongqing City Economic and Information Technology Committee awarded the "top ten people's livelihood of industrial enterprises".

    In 2011 June, Silian Group. Sapphire and LED industry a completed production and the second phase of the ceremony, held in Caijiaying Industrial Park.

    In 2011 July, the company was Chongqing science and Technology Commission, the Chongqing Municipal Finance Bureau, Chongqing Municipal State Tax Bureau, Chongqing local tax bureau jointly awarded high-tech enterprise ".

    In 2011 September, the company in the first ten major energy saving and economic enterprises in Chongqing selected activities won the ten major energy saving green economic enterprises ".

    In 2012 April, the company was China LED industry (2011) annual selection was named 2011 China LED industry's most growth enterprise ". In the same month, the company was rated as a generation of CNC Mechanical Product Innovation Demonstration Enterprise "Application of science and Technology Committee of Chongqing city"

    In 2012 May, the company successfully joined the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and development and Industry Alliance, the third member units ".

    In 2012 July, won the Chongqing municipal Safety Production Association issued a safety production standardization two enterprises (machinery) title.

    In 2012 December, the company was identified as the Chongqing City Enterprise Technology Center, and won the Chongqing city 2011-2012 annual outstanding new product Chongqing first prize ".

    In February 2013, the company won the SASAC party awarded the "civilized unit" title.

    In 2013 March, won the title of Beibei brand.

    In 2013 April, the company won the Chongqing City Federation of workers pioneer number title.

    In 2013 April, won the Chinese LED application engineering excellence award.

    In 2013 September, won the China International light year (CIOE) Award for excellence in excellence.

    In 2013 November, won the 2013 annual award for quality products guangyao.

    In 2013December, won the LED high gold award.

    In December 2013, won the Chongqing famous brand product award.

    In 2014 January, won the 2013 China LED industry 25 enterprises by the high Institute LED Institute awarded.

    In 2014 February, won the 2013 LED sapphire industry output value of the top ten enterprises, a high Institute LED Institute awarded.

    In 2014 September, won the national high-tech enterprises, the title.

    In 2014 November, won the Beibei District, two prize for scientific and technological progress.

    In 2015 April, the company independently developed the city LED smart lighting system, the first one of the first things to enter the Internet of ten applications in Chongqing

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